How to Dice Avocado

How to Dice Avocado? Avocados are simply delicious and make for an increasingly popular breakfast choice and are also a great addition to salads, smoothies, and even desserts. To enjoy your avocados, you need to learn how to cut them, and oftentimes, recipes call for diced avocados. So if you’ve been wondering how to dice avocados, keep reading to find out.

A real superfood, avocado is full of nutrients and healthy fats and is low in cholesterol and sodium. Avocados are delicious and contain an entire vitamin pill’s worth of nutrients. Diced avocado can be added to smoothies, stand out in salads, or be the nicest part of a sandwich. One-third of an average avocado has about 80 calories, 11 percent of a day’s fiber, and helps your body absorb other nutrients.

How to Dice Avocado

However, as good as avocados are, turning them to perfect little cubes may seem daunting if you are unsure of what you’re doing. That said, dicing avocados doesn’t need to be a pain when you utilize the right technique and the right tools. So if you are thinking about dicing avocados for your next recipe, find efficient methods.

How to Dice Avocado

Method 1: Scooping

  1. For the scooping method, you must remove the avocado pit first.
  2. Now, you can start to slice the avocado while it’s still on its skin.
  3. Use the knife tip to slice or dice the flesh, carefully cutting all the way to the skin.
  4. Once the avocado is completely sliced, insert a large spoon between the flesh and the skin.
  5. Keep the spoon against the skin and carefully scoop out all the flesh. This will leave you with clean avocado slices or dice.
  6. Alternatively, you can also scoop out the flesh first and dice the avocado afterward.

Method 2: Peeling

The peeling method is another popular way to cut an avocado. Although it’s not quite as clean-cut as the scooping method, the part close to the peel will have a naturally bumpy texture. However, peeling is a good way to remove most of the flesh from the skin.

  1. Begin with the avocado cut in half but with the pit still in place.
  2. Slice each half in half again to make quarters.
  3. Take each quarter in your hands, and gently twist them in the opposite direction to separate the wedges.
  4. Now, the exposed pit should be easy to remove by hand.
  5. Remove the peel from the flesh from the tip of each wedge.
  6. If the avocado is fully ripe, the peel should come off easily.
  7. Proceed to cut the wedges into smaller dices

Common Questions About How to Dice Avocado

How do I make diced avocado?

Make diced avocado following these simple steps:

  1. Place the avocado lengthways on a chopping board. Using a large, sharp knife, make a simple cut sideways into the avocado, slicing it in half
  2. When the knife hits the stone, follow the line of the stone to slice it all the way around.
  3. Twist the two halves apart to open.
  4. To remove the stone, tap the knife’s heel into it. Twist the stone and pull it out to remove
  5. Cut each half into quarters to make the avocado easier to peel
  6. Take a small paring knife and insert the tip just under the skin of one-quarter. Pull the peel away from the flesh to remove
  7. Place the peeled wedges flat-side down on the board and slice lengthways to create thinner pieces
  8. Turn the pieces sideways and hold the avocado with a claw-like grip, then cut into dice, remembering to slice with the knife rather than pushing or forcing it through the flesh

How to pit an avocado?

The easiest way to do this is to tap your knife into the pit with medium to strong force. Once the knife is lodged into the pit, twist it. The pit should easily pop out of the flesh.

How do you dice an avocado in 10 seconds?

Yes, avocados can be diced in just seconds! Here is how:

  1. Cut your avocado in half
  2. Pit the avocados
  3. Pressed the half, cut-side-down, right through the rack

The rack’s square grid does all the hard work, smoothing the avocado into a nice dice.
Safe to say this method is super fast, but be aware that you won’t get perfect avocado squares; instead, the avocado looks rougher around the edges than you’d get with a sharp knife.

What does it mean to score an avocado?

In cooking terms, scoring means making shallow cuts on the surface of the meat, fish, bread, or cakes. The scoring has several purposes: decorating the food, tenderizing, aiding in flavor absorption when marinating, and allowing fat to drain from the meat while cooking.

To score your avocado, you simply slice or score the flesh of the avocado without cutting through the peel. Then using a spoon, scoop out the avocado from the peel.
Score often becomes the step before dicing; you first score the avocado flesh, using your knife’s tip to make squares, then scoop it out with a spoon.

How do you dice guacamole?

Thinking about making guacamole, here is how:

  1. Lay the serrano flat. Cut off the tip end of the serrano. Thinly slice the serrano. Discard the stem end.
  2. Hold the onion steady and trim off the root and stem end by about 1/4 inch. Hold the onion steady and carefully make a small, lengthwise slit in the onion, peel away the outer layer, and discard. Cut onion in half lengthwise.
  3. Holding the top of the onion steady, make a series of horizontal slices. Then, make a series of vertical slices with the same spacing as your horizontal slices. Dice the onion to make a series of vertical slices perpendicular to the slices you just made.
  4. Lay cilantro on the cutting board. Cut off stems and discard. With both hands, tightly roll cilantro leaves into a small bunch. Roughly mince the cilantro.
  5. Holding the avocado in one hand, use your knife to cut the avocado in half lengthwise around the seed. Twist the avocado to separate the halves.
  6. Carefully, using the edge of your knife, twist the pit out of the avocado and discard. Use a spoon to scoop out the avocado. Discard the outer layer.
  7. Add avocado cubes to a large bowl. Add cilantro, diced onion, and thinly sliced serrano. Squeeze lime juice over the mixture. Season with salt. Using the back of a spoon, roughly mash ingredients together until desired consistency.

How to cut avocado to avoid browning?

Rather than slicing the avocado lengthwise and leaving more surface area open, simply slice the fruit crosswise around its circumference. Place the avocado lengthwise on the cutting board and hold it firmly with your non-cutting hand.

Then with the knife perpendicular to the board, make a slice right into the avocado. The point to cut depends on how much you want to consume. Cover the cut avocado end with plastic wrap or other food wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.

Why does browning occur?

Browning occurs when the fruit’s delicate flesh is exposed to oxygen (which is what causes the discoloration).

Is there a specific knife to dice avocados?

The best knife to cut an avocado is a chef’s knife with a 7-10-inch blade, which can completely slice through the entire length of the fruit. The basic tools needed to cut an avocado are a sharp knife that’s 7-10 inches long, a large metal spoon, and a cutting board.
Anything shorter, such as a paring knife, may not completely cut through the avocado and may result in sloppy slicing.

What is the best chef’s knife to dice avocado?

Here is an excellent choice:

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The blade of this chef knife is integrated with a soft and comfortable handle, creating the perfect grip.

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Additional Tips on How to Dice Avocado

  • Ensure that the avocado is ripe as not only will the taste be inferior when unripe, but it will also be difficult to cut neatly and safely.
  • It’s best to cut an avocado on a cutting board to prevent accidentally slicing your hand.
  • If you plan to plate your avocado and want smooth slices and dices, you will need a sharp knife.
  • The best knives to maneuver small fruits, like avocados, are smaller chef’s knives or santokus that have an 7-10-inch blade.

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Photo of author
Abel developed a passion for precision cutting techniques early on in his career. An insatiable curiosity about the tools that he was using led him to learn more about knives and other cutlery products. Over time, Abel became a cutlery expert junky, devoting himself to studying the intricacies of knives and their manufacturing processes. Learn More About Abel's Journey